Warehousing Services

DSL Express Packers and Movers Warehousing and Delivery service makes the safe storage and careful transport of all your goods at our number one priority.

Packaging Details:

    • We have modern warehousing facilities at our disposal. Some of the exceptional features of our facilities are?
    • We have adequate warehousing space duly insured against accidents.
    • It provides safe and secure surroundings for storage of goods.
    • We carry control checks on the entry & exit of goods.
    • Our facilities offer reduced overheads, increase in efficiency and drastic cuts in management time.
    • Zero Trans-shipment Part load. Well accepted Safety no doubt at all Economical. 100 % sure no doubt at all
    • Packing. No compromise and no comparison at all Claims. Immediate settlement ISO Certified Company for Quality Packing
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